Chronicles of Thera: Crossing Over, Introduction 

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This is a serial story that follows the incredible adventures through the world of Thera. A planet that exists in the same Time and Space as Earth, but one dimension over. This Story Catalogs a woman from Earth finding herself on Thera and the love story that unites an entire planet.

Thera evolved far differently from earth. Instead of a planet populated by humans. The surface of Thera has evolved several sentient civilizations.

The Arrainanites are a long lived humanoid species. Known for their extremely white completions and pastel hair and eye colors. The other inhabitants of this world tend to think of the Arrainanites as immortals as they have been known to live well past the age of ten thousand. While they tend to age slightly slower than humans they are physically mature by age 50. The Arrainanites are not considered to be adults until the age of two hundred.

What truly makes the Arrainanites different from the other Species on Thera is their Mating Ritual. Arrainanites can only mate once as their body chemistry changes during the ritual mating process. The female produces a unique pheromone that the male  becomes addicted to and vise versa. The longer they are together the stronger the addiction gets. They even begin to feel withdraw symptoms if they are parted for too long. Many Arrainanite widows and widowers have died from withdraw symptoms throughout their history including the former Queen Hyntha, King Locktos’ mother, shortly after his father, King Gunatan, died in a Nilactin raid.

Arrainanite males are known for their height on average over 6’6″ and wide shoulders. they are physically very strong while very weak magically. The females on the other hand are very petite, not know for reaching taller than 5′ in height. They are very frail physically, but extremely strong magically.  This evolution has made child baring very difficult and most Arrainanite women will not chance having more than one child for fear of dying in childbirth. Multiple births are almost always fatal.

The Arrainanites are a patriarchal society governed by a king. The current king is King Locktos Truhart.

The Asoonadye are a short lived Turtle like people known for their egg shaped bodies and hard shell like backs. They tend to have high pitched voices and black beady eyes, and are mostly merchants and farmers. The Asoonadye are not known for living much passed the age of sixty and are very superstitious of the Arrainanites due to their apparent immortality. For the last Fifty years the Asoonadye have kept an uneasy truce with the Arrainanites. For some reason neither species have attacked and neither King is wishes to be the aggressor.

Asoonadye Males and Females look very much the same only males are bald and females have a slight dark peach fuss type hair. Males average about 5’4″ while females are closer to 4’11”.

The Asoonadye are also a patriarchal society whose current ruler is King Thealos.

The Nilactin are a cat like species who sport a full body coat of hair and walk on two feet. They are known for dropping to all fours in order to run faster than their prey. Nilactins are warriors. Honor and Pride are of the utmost importance to them. They are ruled by an Alpha King. The king must prove he is the strongest and most capable to rule before he can take the throne. Currently King Chenji rules.

Both Nilactin males and females are warriors. The males are larger and more muscular, great at one on one and hand to hand combat. While the females are great strategists known for speed over strength.  A Nilactin male weighs in around 300lbs and about 6’2″ in height. The females are closer to 150lbs and 5’9″ tall. While its hard to tell how long lived this species is, as many die in battle well before they could die of old age, the longest recorded life span was 157 years old.

Nilactin raiders regularly attack both Arrainanite and Asoonadye villages, although they have not made a full scale attack since before King Chenji’s rule. It is rumored that King Chenji and King Locktos may have once been friends.

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