Chronicles of Thera: Crossing Over, Book 2, Chapter 2

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Ten Years ago

Chapter 2 How They Meet
“King Locktos has given me the day off, I’ve decided to go hunting.” Tylander spoke to his second in command Dyvanor.

“That sounds fun, mind if I join you?” Dyvanor asked, as he and Tylander walked towards the Captains home. Tylander groaned inside his head. He desperately needed some alone time. As Captain of the guard the weight of responsibility fell directly on him nearly crushing him at times. Tylander’s brain scrambled for a way to tell his best friend “no” without insulting him. Tylander stopped walking and turned to Dyvanor. Just as he was about to speak, Janos approached them. “Sorry to disturb you Tylander, but King Locktos has asked to speak with Dyvanor. Janos bowed politely as he delivered his message.

“I guess you will have to go without me.” Dyvanor stated in a tone that made it clear he was not happy about it.

“Oh well, Next time my friend.” Tylander patted Dyvanor on the shoulder. “I’ll catch up with you later.” With a smile Tylander headed for his home to retrieved his Bow and arrows. After gathering all his supplies Tylander headed towards the city gates and then out into the forest that surrounded the great city of Quinetta.

Alone at last Tylander thought to himself  a short time later. When he was out here by himself he could forget about the burden of leadership and just be himself. He walked through the forest his bow in hand and a quiver of arrows on his back until he found the meadow he was looking for. It was located at the base of a small hill and possessed the grass that the dear-like creatures known as eklin preferred. Tylander slunk down to the base of a large tree and waited for his prey to enter the meadow.

He remained still and silent for a long time before he heard a rustling coming from the other side of the hill. Whatever was making the noise was heading straight for the meadow. Tylander tensed in anticipation. His gaze completely focused on the hill as he watched for his prey to materialize.

Ryanne’s hands were shaking as she made her way over the hill and into the meadow. She has no idea what to say to Tylander. Hi I’m from the future, no that’s stupid Ryanne thought as she surveyed the small meadow for Tylander, but he wasn’t there. Disappointed Ryanne entered the meadow. with her eyes downcast Ryanne noticed a small rock on the ground. It looked just like the one Yelillya had on her desk. Ryanne picked up the rock and smiled.

Tylander watched as the most beautiful creature he had ever seen entered the meadow. At first she looked sad, but then she bent down and picked something up off the ground and smiled. Tylander felt like his heart left his chest and winged it’s way to the exquisite creature before him. Placing his bow on the ground Tylander stood and walked towards the vision in a yellow dress. The light shone behind her like she was an angel.  “Have I died?” He asked the angel in front of him. She looked startled. “You are an angel sent here to take me back to the afterlife are you not?” The angel smiled again.

“I hate to disappoint you, but you are very much alive and I am defiantly no angel.” It was then that Ryanne decided she would not tell Tylander about the future. She would let everything progress the way it was meant to. “My name is Ryanne and you are?”

“Tylander Leafgather, I’m the Captain of the Arrainanite Royal Guard.”

“Impressive Title,” Ryanne said as she stepped closer to Tylander, “Must be a big responsibility.”

“It is” Tylander watched as Ryanne stepped closer.

“I’ve been traveling for quite sometime now. Is there an Inn nearby? I’d like to wash up and get some rest before I move on.” Ryanne leaned closer to Tylander as she spoke, hoping he could smell her. She knew she was still producing the pheromone that only Tylander was susceptible to.

There is an Inn in Quinetta. It’s not far. I would be happy to escort you.” Tylander said as he offered her his arm.

“Quinetta is close? That’s my destination. I would be happy to have an escort into the city. Ryanne took Tylander’s arm. The moment she touched him, Tylander could feel the sparks fly between them. They chatted as they made their way into the city.

“You know I have a house in the city, If you like you are welcome to come stay with me. I have two extra rooms you can have your pick of. It would save you a few coins.” Tylander tried to sound nonchalant, but Ryanne saw right through it.

“Oh I could’t do that. I’d hate to inconvenience you.” Ryanne had to stifle a laugh.

“It would be no inconvenience. I’d be honored to put you up for as long as you like. I have this big house all to myself. I must admit it gets a little lonely sometimes.”

“Well,” Ryanne appeared to think it over for a long time, ” I guess it would OK, if you’re sure it won’t cause any trouble.” Ryanne smiled up at Tylander as he let out the breath he was holding. To Ryanne he was transparent. He offered his home so he could be sure not to lose sight of her. He also didn’t want any other man to see her and make a claim for her.

“I’ve heard that Quinetta has an incredible Temple Of Lunester. Can we stop there before we go to your home?” Ryanne asked

“Um sure, I guess. You are not here to become a priestess of Lunester are you?” Tylander asked. Ryanne looked up at him and saw the look of panic on his face and smiled.

“No, I’m more of a disciple. You know I follow were he leads me and he told me to come here. I’m sure if I was meant to be a priestess he would have said so by now.”  Tylander smiled and relaxed at Ryanne’s response. He looked down and saw that Ryanne had taken his hand. It felt right and natural to hold that tiny hand in his. Keeping his hold on her hand Tylander led Ryanne to the Temple of Lunester.

“Can you wait out here for me? I just need to deliver a message. Then we can go.” Ryanne asked.

“Sure, I’ll be right here.” Tylander took a seat on the temple steps.

“Great I’ll be just a few minutes.” Without thought Ryanne leaned down and gave him a chaste kiss on the mouth before she walked into the temple leaving a stunned Tylander to wait for her return.

Ryanne knew her way through the temple and quickly found Yelillya’s office. Ryanne paused for a moment. She took out the rock she had found in the meadow and placed it in the small box Lunester had hidden in her pocket. Ryanne took a deep breath before she knocked on the door. She didn’t wait for an answer before she peaked her head inside. “May I come in.” She asked. Yelillya looked up from her desk. Ryanne laughed to herself as she watched Yelillya’s face. So much for being skilled at hiding her annoyance. Ryanne would have loved to tell her that the only person she was fooling was herself. “Of course” Yelillya answered.

“Hi. My name is Ryanne. I have something for you. ” Ryanne moved across the room.

“Just leave whatever it is over their.” Yelillya said as she pointed to a table in the corner. ” I have lots of work to do.” The priestess said attempting to dismiss Ryanne.

“High Priestess Yelillya, I really just need a moment of you time. Please.” Ryanne smiled and knew the priestess would not turn her down.

“Oh all right.” Yelillya stood up from her desk and approached the woman intruding on her time.

“Thank you so much High Priestess.” Ryanne opened her hand to reveal the small box. “For you, Yelillya.” The priestess took the box and opened it.

“A rock. How kind of you.” The priestess said in a deadpan voice noting how unimpressed she was with the gift. Ryanne smiled and took Yelillya’s hand “Lunester’s blessing has always been upon you. Look with new eyes and see it.” Ryanne felt the now familiar lightning through her and the transfer of power that went to Yelillya. The priestess was shocked and amazed.

“Oh Wow I can feel him. Lunester he is everywhere. How is this possible?” Yelillya looked like a small child on Christmas morning just then.

“It’s a gift from Lunester. I will be here in Quinetta for a while to teach you your new gift, but for now I must go. I will meet you here tomorrow afternoon.” Ryanne smiled one more time at the high priestess before she left to go find Tylander.

*       *       *

Ryanne came out of the temple to find Tylander right were she left him. Skipping over to him she placed her hand on his shoulder. “Thanks for waiting for me. You ready to go?” She asked. he was smiling up at her. Tylander once again took her hand in his and started leading her away from the temple. “You are quite welcome.” Tylander smiled down at the beautiful woman beside him.

“Hey Tylander wait up!” Dyvanor call from somewhere behind them. Tylander stopped and turned towards his best friend with a smile. “You back from hunting already?” Dyvanor asked as he caught up with the couple.

“Well, I came across Ryanne here and she needed direction to the temple. So I offered my self up as a guide.” Ryanne was now gripping Tylander’s arm so tight that he feared she would break the skin with her nails. He looked down at her ” Are you OK? he asked quietly. Ryanne gave a slight nod. “OK, Ryanne this is Dyvanor, my second in command. He and I have been friends for so long he is like a brother to me.” Dyvanor smiled showing all his teeth and held out his hand to Ryanne, but she made no move to take it.

“It’s very nice to meet you. You will have to forgive me. I’ve been traveling for some time and am really quite tired.” Turning to Tylander Ryanne continued. If you would rather remain here I can stay at the Inn.”

“No! Please, I’ve offered my hospitality. If you are tired we can go.” Tylander responded just as Ryanne expected.

“Excuse me you said you have been traveling, what happened to your escort?” Dyvanor asked.

“I didn’t have one. I am perfectly capable of taking care of myself. Now if you will excuse us.”  Ryanne turned Tylander to leave Dyvanor.

“Wait!” Tylander’s second in command placed his hand on Ryanne’s shoulder. She let go of Tylander and grabbed the hand Dyvanor had placed on her. In a swift move Ryanne turned and twisted Dyvanor’s hand with her. The move brought Dyvanor to his knees with his hand turned the wrong way above his head.

“I will tell you this only once so listen well. No one touches me without my permission. If you ever lay a hand on me again I will not be as forgiving.” Ryanne flung Dyvanor’s hand away from her before she retook Tylander’s hand and they moved away.

“What was that?” Tylander asked after they got a few steps away from his friend.

“That guy gives me the creeps. Something about him is not right. I understand he is your friend, but I can’t have him near me.” Ryanne shivered a little before she smiled up at Tylander. “I guess I’ve just demonstrated how able I am to take care of myself.”

“Yeah no kidding. Can you show me that move again sometime?” Tylander asked,then he followed it up with, “So, do I have permission to touch you?” His eyes sparkled wickedly.

“You, Tylander, can touch me anywhere and anytime you like.” Ryanne stopped  and faced Tylander. Rising up on her toes she pulled his head down to hers. She kissed him, it started out as a simple brush of lips before Ryanne deepened the kiss. She explored every surface of his mouth. She wanted him to feel the love she had for him in that kiss. he was the love of her life and he needed to know it. Tylander’s arms became steel bands that wrapped around Ryanne. Still she tried to get closer to him. Slowly, aware that they were in public Tylander ended the kiss. His breath was ragged as he attempted to regain his composure. “Marry Me.” The words were out before Tylander could censor them. Tylander closed his eyes hating himself for his foolish proposal. Ryanne said nothing for a long time.

“Tylander look at me.” He opened his eyes and looked down into her deep chocolate brown eyes. “You are the reason I’m here. You have no idea how far I have traveled just to be with you. So, yes I’ll marry you.” Ryanne was smiling. Tylander was too shocked for words, but none were necessary. Ryanne kissed him again. This kiss was tender, slow and filled with all the love she hadn’t had the chance to give him before he left for the war, before he died.