Cast of Characters

The Arrainanites are a long lived humanoid species. Known for their extremely white completions and pastel hair and eye colors. (Pronunciation : A-rain-a-night)

The Asoonadye are a short lived Turtle like people known for their egg shaped bodies and hard shell like backs. Pronunciation : (A-soon-a-die)

The Nilactin are a cat like species who sport a full body coat of hair and walk on two feet. Pronunciation : (Nil- ak-tin)

The Endotalens are a subterranean isolationists. They are greenish grey in color, almost 9′ tall and are able to reshape themselves by rearranging their bones. This is a matriartical society ruled by the Council of Women

Arrainanite Characters (Capital city is Quinetta)

  • King Locktos Truhart: current Arrainanite king,  Lives in Quinetta the Arrainanite Capital City (Pronunciation : Lock-Toe-s
  • Queen Hyntha Truhart: Mother of King Locktos, Deceased (Pronunciation: Hine-th-a)
  • King Gunatan Truhart: Father of King Locktos, Deceased  (Pronunciation :Gun-a-tan)
  • Tylander Leafgather: Captain of the Royal Guard
  • Gabriella Leafgather: Daughter to Tylander
  • Isaac Leafgather: Son to Tylander
  • Surietta Wispwind: Nanny to Tylander’s Children (Pronunciation : Sir-e-et-a)
  • Dyvanor Greenlock: Traitor and Fugitive, Leader of the Army of Giants and all around bad guy (Pronunciation :Die-van-nor)
  • Yelillya Whiteleaf: High Priestess of Lunester keeper of the light (Pronunciation :Ya-lil-ya)
  • Rosheeta- Priestess of Lunester (Pronunciation : Roe -She -Ta)
  • Anitta- Master of the Healers Guild (Pronunciation : An-e- ta)
  • Janos The Kings Currier

Asoonadye Characters

  • King Tan Thealos: current Asoonadye King (Pronunciation :The-a-low-s)
  • Ambassador Ren Othyos: King Thealos’ most trusted ambassador (Pronunciation :Oh-the-oh-s
  • Hin Antar: Othyos’ childhood friend, Deceased
  • Hin Danalty: Antar’s wife (Pronunciation :Don-alt-e)

Nilactin Character

  • King Chenji: Current Nilactin king (Pronunciation :Chen-g)
  • Captain Junkar: Captain of the Royal Nilactin Army (Pronunciation :Young-car)
  • Injanari: Junkar’s wife (Pronunciation : In-jan-ary)

Endotalens (Capital City is Lunos)

  • Endiondantious of the (once Royal) House of Liononosis Goes by Endi. (Pronunciation : End-e-on-dan-t-us of the house of Leon-on-oh-sis)
  • Tandi -Endi’s mate
  • Nant- Endotalen soldier


  • Lunester Keeper of the light: Good benevolent god (Pronunciation :Lune-ester)
  • Illucious Goddess of Darkness: Evil God (Pronunciation : Ill-oo-c-us)

Human Characters

  • Ryanne Leafgather of Earth

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