Chronicles of Thera: Crossing Over, Book 2, Chapter 3

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Present Day

Chapter 3 An Endotalen History Lesson

Tandi paced back and forth across her bed chamber. The last of her people had just reported in. Everyone had gotten out alive. That is everyone but Endi. He had stayed behind; with those surface dwellers he called his brothers, to fight Dyvanor.

Tandi knew that if they succeeded the chance of Endi returning home was slim to none. He has no one here. “We made him an outcast when we should have treasured him.” Tandi spoke out loud to the empty room. “It’s all my fault. If I had acknowledged him as my mate. I could have paved the way for our people to accept him. I was petty and so stupid. Now he gone from us forever.”

Tandi continued to pace the floor verbally punishing herself for her foolishness. It was several minutes before she notice she was no longer alone. Tandi stopped mid-step as she came face to face with the very man she’d been talking about. “Stop beating yourself up over it Tandi. Nothing you can do to change it.” Endi stated looking down into Tandi’s emerald green eyes.

“You returned?” Tandi was giddy with relief. as she looked up at the man she was certain she had lost.

“Yes. I need your help.” Endi stated flatly as he moved passed Tandi. For the first time she noticed that Endi was carrying a man in his arms.

“What Happened?” Endi gently laid the man on Tandi’s bed giving her her first look at the man’s face. “Oh no, not Tylander! What Happened to him?” Tandi gasped.

“We managed to kill Dyvanor, but not before he dealt Tylander a fatal blow. Both men ended up at the bottom of a ravine.” Endi moved around Tandi’s bed and began setting Tylander’s bones.

“Why did you bring him here?” Tandi asked while watching Endi work to put Tylander’s bones back into place.

“I am going to bring him back.”

“How is that even possible?” Tandi asked stunned by Endi’s statement.

Endi shook his head. “It’s possible but to understand you must know a few things about our people first.” He paused and took a deep breath. “Somewhere along the line of our ancestors, someone made the decision that we no longer needed to teach our young ones about our past. They were afraid we would not move forward allowing the past to hinder our growth. The stupidity of that decision never ceases to amaze me.” Endi stated as he cut away Tylander’s shirt. “My ancestors did not agree with that decision. They had always been the keepers of the Endotalen histories. My ancestors knew the importance of the past and how it effects our future. So even though it was forbidden we have continued to pass those histories on from father to son and mother to daughter for more than one hundred thousand years.”

Endi looked up at Tandi and gave her a sad smile, “At least until it came to me. As I will never have a child to pass this knowledge to.” Those words broke Tandi’s heart. She was the reason that the Endotalen histories would be lost if they lost Endi. It was then that Tandi knew what she needed to do. Endi was sitting on the bed next to Tylander. Tandi moved to stand directly in front of Endi. She then placed her hand over his heart. Looking deep into his eyes she said the last thing Endi ever expected her to say.

“Endi, you are my mate. I see myself in you. Do you see me?” It took Endi several minutes to process that Tandi had just acknowledged him. She was claiming him as her mate. Tandi stood in front of him shaking. Those were the same words Endi had spoken to her a century ago. Her answer had been a resounding “No”.

Endi took his mate’s hands and recited the words that would bind them together as one., “Yes, Tandi I see you and I see myself in you because you are my mate.” Tandi let out the breath she had been holding and crumpled into Endi’s arms. They held each other for several moments before Endi pulled away. “My love, I need your help. You are a healer, but in order for us to bring Tylander back we will need all of our healers to work together to heal his body. It must be able to sustain his life force in order for me to retrieve his soul.”

“I still don’t understand. How can that be possible?” Tandi was very confused, but she wanted to help Endi. She needed to help him. After what she had done to him he still acknowledged her. He had faith in her. She would place her faith in him.

“About one hundred and fifty thousand years ago our people were not ruled by a council of women. We were ruled by a single queen. She was the first to manage to do the impossible. Queen Luciona, my ancestor, traveled to the afterlife and retrieved the soul of her young daughter, Princess Anaya. She had died while saving the life of another child. It took the combined strength of our people to save her. It helped that she was so loved by all who knew her. They succeeded, but their were side effects. Both Queen Luciona  and Princess Anaya developed strange abilities. These abilities were passed down to Anaya’s children and grand children. I know of at least two others of my line had also made a journey into the afterlife to retrieve a soul of  a lost loved one. With each visit to the Afterlife more power was imparted to my kin and many of those gifts were passed down to me.” Endi paused and closed his eyes as if searching his memory for something.

“Queen Tandara was the last Queen of our people. She is the one who decided that the people were better represented by a council rather than an individual. You can thank her for your position.” Endi smiled down at Tandi, “She was the one who declared our line the official keepers of the Endotalen Histories. Each of her descendants has kept a journal of all that happens during their life as well as maintaining all the journals of those who came before them. I will use those journals as a guide to help me retrieve Tylander. I know were to start, but I will need an anchor in this world. One that will help me to find my way back home. You are that anchor Tandi, as my mate you are the only one who has the power to hold me to the living realm.” Tandi nodded her head. She was going to do anything she could to help him.

“In the short period of time I knew Tylander he became like a brother to me. I believe my love for him should allow me to find him once I get to the spirit realm.”

“But you said it took the combined strength of our people to retrieve Anaya and that they all loved her. Our people do not know this man, nor are they likely to help you. How can this work.”

“I am stronger than those who came before me, I will not need our peoples strength to propel me into the afterlife or to return. For that all I need is you. It won’t be easy and I might have to sacrifice my soul for his, but it can be done. Sure if we had our peoples help my chances of success would go way up, but I know that is not going to happen. What I do need is for you to convince as many healers as you can to come and heal Tylander’s body as best as they can. Otherwise none of this matters.”

“You will not be doing this alone Endi.” Tandi stated firmly. “I will summon the council and our best healers. I will do everything I can to convince them to help you.” Endi merely nodded his head, his eyes locked on Tylander’s broken body. Tandi watched as a single tear made it’s way down Endi’s face. Not able to help herself Tandi took Endi’s chin and tilted it down so he was looking at her. “I promise you, we will bring him back.” She whispered against his mouth just before she gave him a soft kiss. Tandi allowed Endi to hold her for a few seconds  than she untangled herself from him and strode out of the room with a determined stride.

*       *       *

Back in Quinetta

King Locktos sat on his throne with a feeling of dread in the pit of his stomach. Before him stood Surietta, Tylander and Ryanne’s nanny. “I’m sorry King Locktos, but I’m starting to get really worried. I woke up this morning and Ryanne was just gone. I’ve looked everywhere and I can’t find her. Isaac won’t stop crying he keeps saying ‘She’s gone’ over and over again. he’s completely inconsolable.” The more the nanny said the deeper the sense of dead became.

“Janos!” King Locktos yelled.

“Yes, My king.” His tall lanky Currier came running into the throne room.

“Find King Chenji, Ryanne is missing. We will need his best tracker to help us find her.” Locktos was not about to lose her a second time. Janos gave a quick bow and ran at full speed out of the throne room. “Surietta, go home and take care of the twins. Let us know if she returns on her own. I will let you know if we find her.” Locktos said dismissing the nanny.

Less than five minutes later both King Chenji and King Thealos came running into the throne room. “What is this I hear about the Handmaiden disappearing?” King Chenji demanded.

“I don’t know much more than you do. Ryanne was not in her bed this morning and we have been unable to find her.” King Locktos stated more calmly than he felt.

“I have sent Nickloos to look for her. He’s my best tracker. If Ryanne has left a trail of any kind he should be able to find her.” Chenji stated as he took a seat in the throne that had been set up for him to the left of King Locktos’ throne.

“All we can do now is wait and see what he can find.” King Thealos stated taking his throne to the right of King Locktos.

All three kings sat with heavy hearts as they waited for any news from Nickloos. Each king saying his own silent prayer that she be found alive and well.

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