Chronicles of Thera: Crossing over, Chapter 12

Chapter 12, Confronting the Council

“Hey Othyos,” Tylander gave his Asoonadye friend a gentle nudge. “You need to wake up. we let you sleep as long as we could, but it’s time to get up.” Othyos rubbed the sleep out of his eyes as he sat up.

“Keeping us all invisible really drained me.” Othyos managed to get himself on his feet with a great deal of effort. “I really hope you guys aren’t planning on me to keep us hidden while we enter the Endotalen camp. I’m not sure I could manage that.”

“Don’t worry, we are going to make Junkar do most of the work.” Tylander laughed as he patted Othyos on the back. The group suited up, making sure they had weapons at the ready and all the unnecessary gear was stowed at the back of the cave. It was near dawn and most of the Endotalen Army was just settling down to sleep. Endi had told his companions that the Endotalens are not used to being out in the sun and would prefer to stay indoors during the day. That is why the attacks had come in the middle of the night.

Endi lead the way into the encampment. They skirted the outside until they found an opening between two tents. Junkar used his Telekinesis to make noise in the opposite direction so that all eyes would be facing away from the group. As they approached the inner circle of tents, they nearly ran into a magical energy shield. Endi’s new abilities allowed him to see the invisible barrier before they triggered it.

“The council tent will be on the other side of that field. I’m not sure I can get us through that without alerting my kin to our arrival.” Endi stated as he examined the shield. “I’ve never seen this type of magic before. It has a dark feel to it.”

“Another gift from Illucious no doubt.” Tylander scowled. “Dyvanor is probably close by. We need to get inside quickly, before they realize we are here.”

“I will try to get us in.” Endi approached the magic shield. He moved his hands close to the shield as if getting a feel for the shield and how it works. After several tense moments Endi bent over and lifted a section of the shield off the ground creating a small opening. Endi took a step forward lifting the shield over his head. “Go!” He whispered brusquely. The weight of the shield obviously taking a toll on the Endotalen. Tylander, Othyos and Junkar dove through the opening. Endi took another step forward and dropped the shield back into place. The four men were alert looking for anyone who might have seen them breach the shield, but so far no alarms had sounded.

“We need to keep moving,” Junkar whispered as he started moving towards the large tent in the center of the encampment. The others followed him silently.  Just before they made it to their destination an Endotalen female caught sight of them. “Endi! What are you doing here?” She spoke with authority.

“Tandi!” Endi moved to intercept the woman. “You must come with us.” Endi lifted the woman off the ground and carried her into the council’s tent. The female was not happy with her treatment and began to pound on Endi’s back as she yelled what Tylander could only guess were Endotalen swear words at him.

“Put me down you giant dolt. I will have you arrested and thrown in jail for the rest of your life. You know who I am Endi.” Tandi shouted in common tongue.

“Yes, I know who you are Tandi! You are my mate! A fact that you’ve continued to deny over the last three centuries. You are lucky I’m just manhandling you. Any other Endotalen male would have claimed you and have been done with it. I’ve given you what you wanted. I’ve left you alone. Now you will stand here and listen to my friends and you will do what is right for our people and keep your feelings about me out of it.” Endi set Tandi down as he spoke. “We were lied to Tandi. Dyvanor destroyed that village not the Asoonadye.” Endi motioned for Tylander to come forward. “Show her Tylander.” Endi stepped back to allow Tylander to stand directly in front of Tandi.

“Take my hands.” Tylander held out both hands and waited patiently for the Endotalen female to make up her mind. Tandi gave Endi a small look of defiance before she took Tylander’s hands. Tylander felt inside Tandi’s mind and found a piece of Endi’s soul attached to her. Tylander then felt inside himself for his connection to Ryanne. It was like she was standing right next to them. Ryanne started to whisper into Tandi’s ear explaining Dyvanor and his purpose.

Tandi’s face grew pale as if all the blood had left her body. The truth of Ryanne’s words and their meaning came crashing down on her. Tandi held the first seat in the council, it was based on her assessment of Dyvanor that they had allowed him access to her people. Thousands of lives lost and it was her fault.

Tandi’s knees fell out from under her and suddenly she was sitting on the hard ground. “Is it true?” Tandi asked Endi.

“Yes, it’s true, but we have time to stop it. Call the council get them in here. Tylander’s gift will show them the truth.” Endi helped Tandi up off the ground, “I have met the kings of the surface dwelling nations. They do not blame us. If we stop now we can go back to our home in peace. They know we were lied to. Dyvanor betrayed them too.” Tandi nodded as she moved to the door.

“Wait here I will get the others.” Tandi left, but returned quickly. “I’ve sent my assistant to wake the council and to get as many of my officers in here as they can. While I’m certain that we can convince the others that we need to leave this place, I’m not sure how we can defeat Dyvanor. He is very powerful.”

“You don’t need to worry about that,” Tylander stated. “We have a plan, but first we need to get your people out of here. I don’t want collateral damage.”

“Tandi, I visited my mother in the spirit realm. You know she was an oracle. The four of us,” Endi pointed to his traveling companions, “will be able to defeat him. Only two of us will survive. So you may be free of your obligations to me before you know it.” Endi tried to joke with Tandi, but she wasn’t amused.

“Don’t you dare die on me Endi, I know I’ve been hard on you and I’m sorry. I never should have rejected you. I will forever be ashamed of myself. If you die I’ll never be able to make it up to you.” Tandi brushed the tears away from her eyes as she tried to regain her composure.

“I can’t make any promises, but I will do my best.” Endi gathered Tandi in his arms and held her to him. “Even if this is the only time I get to hold you in my arms it will have been worth it just to have this moment with you, my true mate.” Endi kissed the top of Tandi’s head and continued to hold her as the other members of the council and the officers of the Endotalen army entered the command tent.

Once all seven council women were in attendance Endi released Tandi so she could speak. “My fellow council women, we have been lied to.” Tandi took her position as first chair at the center of the raised platform at the back of the tent. The six other women looked to Tandi in shock. It was well known that she had refused her mate in order to keep her position among her people. If she was now claiming him he would have had to have done something incredible to prove his worth to her.

“Endi has brought ambassadors from the surface nations here to speak to us. They have proof that we were not attacked by the Asoonadye. We attacked them unprovoked. Dyvanor is the one responsible for the destruction of our settlement.”  Tandi looked towards Tylander.

“Would you please share with the council what you have shown me?” Tylander moved closer to the council and several soldiers stood to block him.

“I am not going to try anything, but I must touch them so they can see what I need to show them. Please step aside.” Tylander waited patiently while the soldiers looked for permission to allow him to pass. After receiving a nod from Tandi They let Tylander pass. One by one Tylander touched each councilor and connected them to Ryanne. Each woman was more upset than the last. Anger, regret and remorse filled the tent to almost bursting.

“Oh great Lunester please forgive us.”

“What have we done?”

“Dyvanor must pay!”

Multiple voices rang out at once as the people in the tent began to understand the full extent of the deception they had fallen for.

“Quiet Please!” Tandi’s voice carried over the ruckus. “We need a plan. I want as many of our people gone from here as quickly as possible. As soon as Dyvanor knows what we are up to he will try to stop us. ”

“We have a plan, but we will need a little help.” Tylander turned to Endi.

“I have a few gifts I inherited from my family that should help. I was always good at casting illusions. Dyvanor will not know his army has left until it’s too late.” Endi smiled down at Tylander.

“That’s a handy power, why are we just now hearing about it?” Tylander asked

“It takes a lot out of me. I’m not sure how long I”ll be able to hold it, but if it gets my people out of here safely then I’m willing to try it.” Endi looked back at Tandi. She was not happy about Endi setting himself up at a disadvantage against Dyvanor, but she said nothing.

“We could use one or two soldiers to stay back. We have an idea about how to draw Dyvanor out and could use a little help setting things up.” Junkar spoke up for the first time. Two very large soldiers stepped forward. They had a plan to set up and an evacuation to get underway. One way or another by sundown this would all be over.

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