Chronicles of Thera: Crossing Over, Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Preparing for the Journey

As Ryanne began to wake the first thing she noticed was how warm she was. In fact she was a little too warm. Ryanne opened her eyes to find herself back in Tylander’s bedroom. He was wrapped around her like a clinging vine and he wasn’t the only one. Pressed to her other side were both Gabriela and Issac. The little girl had her head on Ryanne’s shoulder while Isaac was using her calf as a pillow. She was completely pinned down. “Um Tylander,” Ryanne spoke hoping to wake him, but not the kids. “Hey wake up.” She tried again.

“Mmmm yes,” Tylander press his face against the side of her neck and started kissing her there.

“Tylander, your children are in bed with us.” Ryanne giggled.

“What?” Tylander finally sat up and looked around the bed. “Oh sorry, they are used to crawling in bed with me when they wake up in the middle of the night.” Tylander, dressed only in a pair of loose boxer shorts, got out of bed. He came around to Ryanne’s side and gently lifted Gabriela and left the room. Tylander returned and then removed Isaac as well.

“Now that we are alone,” Tylander got back in bed with Ryanne. “How about we finish what I started.” Tylander pulled Ryanne to him and kissed her like their was no tomorrow. He explored every inch of her mouth and continued to kiss her until he was so starved for air he had no other choice but to surface.

“That was…. Wow… Tylander..That was..” Ryanne stuttered as she panted, trying to catch her breath.

“Ahem!” A voice called from the bedroom door way. “I do not believe I have cleared Ryanne for strenuous activity yet.” Tylander had forgotten that the healer Anetti was staying with them. She was the healer who lost Ryanne eight years ago. Anetti, like Tylander, was not taking any chances on losing her patient a second time.

“Anetti, we were just kissing.” Tylander said sheepishly.

“Well no more! You got her heart rate up higher than I’d like it to be right now.” The healer was a very tiny woman with light green hair and eyes. While she was barely taller than Gabriela, she had an aura of power around her that gave off a “Don’t mess with me” vibe. Ryanne had no doubt that this woman was in charge and no one dare to cross her.

“Now if you don’t mind Tylander I’d like to examine my patient.” Anetti moved to sit next to Ryanne. “Give us a little privacy Tylander. Why don’t you go get Ryanne something to eat? I’m sure she is hungry.” Anetti said dismissing Tylander from the room. Begrudgingly, Tylander got back out of bed and pulled on a pair of trousers. Before he left the room Tylander leaned over the bed and gave Ryanne a quick passionate kiss. As he walked away Tylander could feel Ryanne’s eyes following him out of the room as he went.

“Oh I’ve seen that look before,” Anetti laughed. “You can make up for lost time later. I need to take a look at you.” The healer took Ryanne’s hand and closed her eyes. Anetti felt for her center and pushed out a wave of healing magic towards Ryanne. Anetti felt Ryanne’s body absorb the wave before it was reflected back to the healer. The reflected wave brought back information about Ryanne’s health, similar to a full body medical scan. Anetti opened her eyes’s and smiled. “I think you are suffering from exhaustion mixed with stress and dehydration. You should be just fine in a day or two. Drink lots of water. Stay in bed for today and no strenuous activities for at least twenty four hours.” Anetti leaned forward and gave Ryanne a big hug. “I really missed you Ryanne and as soon as you are feeling better you and I are going to catch up. We used to be such good friends.” The healer brushed a single tear away from her eyes before she got up. “Get some rest. I’ll be back in a few hours to check on you.” Anetti waved as she exited the room.

Following the healers instructions, Ryanne spent the next twenty four hours in bed. Tylander and the kids waited on her hand and foot and entertained her. The twins were slowly stealing Ryanne’s heart with their antics. Anetti came by several times to check on her throughout the day. Each time she was happy to report Ryanne’s condition was improving. By the next morning Ryanne was feeling much better. All her aches and pains from traveling the countryside on foot were gone. She had never felt better in her whole life. So when King Locktos summoned her and Tylander, Ryanne was excited to try gifting Junkar with a blessing.

Tylander on the other hand was not happy. He wanted to keep Ryanne tucked away somewhere safe so no one could find, or hurt, her ever again. He tried to convince Ryanne not to go, but she was just as suborn as he remembered. Once she got an idea in her head she was unstoppable. That’s how they found themselves back in the throne room surrounded by all three kings, Junkar, Endi and Othyos.

King Locktos was happy to see Ryanne on her feet again. He got right down to the business at hand. “Ryanne, Endi was able to connect with the spirit of his mother, an Oracle. Apparently, the only way to defeat Dyvanor and Illucious is by sending a team of blessed ones, a single man from each nation. Endi assures us that he, Junkar, and Othyos as well as an Arrainanite are the chosen ones.

“Who is the Arrainanite?” Ryanne asked

“Tylander. Just before you passed out we saw you transfer power into him.” King Locktos stated. He looked at Tylander. “Have you noticed any new abilities?” Tylander looked away as he internally debated with himself.

“Tylander, did I give you a blessing?” Ryanne looked up at Tylander with curiosity in her eyes.

“Yes, you did but I’m not sure it’s a very useful gift.” Tylander smiled down at his wife. “I can connect my mind with yours. I can see your memories and I think I can give you mine, but I haven’t tried yet.”

“OK” Ryanne was nodding her head, “Lets try it.”  Tylander took Ryanne’s hand and closed his eyes. He remembered his wedding day and pushed the memory towards her.

“Did it work?” Tylander asked .

Ryanne saw a vision of herself dressed in a bright yellow dress, looking up at someone. “Yeah it did, but I think you can do more than that.” Ryanne stated a little confused, “I’m not sure how I know but, I want you to try something. Tylander, put your hand on Endi and try to connect with him.” Tylander did as she asked.

“OK, I can see into Endi’s memories now what?”

“Without touching me, I want you to try to connect me to Endi. “Ryanne waited to feel the connection. Then she was there, inside Endi’s mind. She could feel his excitement.

“Oh Wow!” Endi exclaimed, “This is incredible! I can feel more than just Ryanne through Tylander, I can feel Lunester’s hand on them. I feel a profound truth emanating from them.” Endi looked to Ryanne. “This is exactly what we will need to convince the council that they have been lied to.” Ryanne saw an image of a group of Endotalen women in the forefront of Endi’s mind just before Tylander broke the connection.

“Then that settles it Tylander. You will be leading this quest to find the Endotalen Army.” King Locktos stated as he patted Tylander on the back. “Now Ryanne, if you are feeling up to it, can you try to bestow a blessing onto Junkar?” King Locktos was watching her closely as he didn’t want to overtax her again.

“Yes, I think I can. I’m feeling much better today.” Ryanne stated as she took a step towards Junkar. She took his hands in hers, and as she did so Tylander took up a position directly behind her resting his hands on her hips. Ryanne look at him curiously.

“I’m just here in case you need a little extra physical support. I don’t want to chance you hitting your head.” Tylander explained as he pulled her back flush up against his chest. Ryanne shook her head but said nothing. Their was no point in arguing, he wasn’t moving. Ryanne closed her eyes and forced herself to focus on the Nilactin in front of her rather than the Arrainanite behind her.

Once she found her center Ryanne allowed her mind to reach outward “Lunester, please bestow your blessings upon Junkar so that he might use your blessings to end this war.” Ryanne was starting to get familiar with the streaks of lightning running through her blood stream. This time it wasn’t so unpleasant. Ryanne was starting to get the hang of blessing others. She was able to direct the power transfer into Junkar. With a thought and a flash it was done and Ryanne was still standing. To her that was quite the accomplishment.

“I think I’d like to try that again.” Ryanne proclaimed as she reached out her hand for Endi.

“Oh, no, no, no,” Tylander was already pulling Ryanne back away from the Endotalen. “Last time you ended up unconscious. You scared the hell out of me. We are not doing that again.” Tylander had lifted Ryanne off the ground and was making his way out of the throne room.

“Tylander. Put. Me. Down!” Ryanne’s tone was more serious than he had ever heard before. Tylander stopped and careful placed Ryanne’s feet on the ground. “You do not get to dictate what I can or can’t do. I need to give them blessings so we can stop innocent people from dying. I am going to do this and you can either stand with me in support or you can leave. Those are your only options, because I’m staying right here.”

Tylander couldn’t help but smile. “I should have known you were going to say that. I never could stop you when you got like this. You are the most stubborn and infuriating woman I’ve ever known.”

“Then why are you smiling?”

“Because it’s that stubborn streak of yours that made me fall in love with you.” Tylander bent down and placed a chaste kiss on Ryanne’s lips. He then took his wife’s hand and led her back to the Kings so that she could continue gifting his traveling companions with blessings from Lunester.

At the end of the day each man had been gifted a different ability. Endi was able to shield himself and others from magical attacks. Othyos had stealth abilities and could make himself and others invisible. Junkar was gifted with telekinesis, the ability to move objects with his mind. While Ryanne was warn out after blessing all three of Tylander’s traveling companions, she was feeling confident in her new found power.

After a brief planning session it was decided that the blessed ones needed time to prepare and get used to their new abilities before heading out to find the Endotalen army. In two days time the four men would embark on the journey that only two would return from.

Tylander and Ryanne returned home. That night he made love to her. He had been dying to since the first time he realized she had returned to him. He worshiped her body all night and well into the next morning. He wanted to make sure she knew how much he loved her. Just in case he was not able to come back to her.

For the next two days Tylander and his companions spent their days preparing for the journey ahead. Tylander spent his last nights entangled in his wife’s arms praying to Lunester that he make it safely back to her once this was all over.

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