Chronicles of Thera: Crossing Over, Prologue

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Ryanne was so proud of herself. At 25 she had her own place, her own car, and a steady job as an office assistant. Yeah her life wasn’t all that exciting as she spent most of her day organizing data and filing paperwork, but she is happy and content. So what if she is single, she is young and has plenty of time to meet mister tall dark and hansom.

“Hey, James I’m heading home. I’ll see you Monday.” Ryanne called out as she was leaving her office. It had been a long and productive week but Ryanne was ready for it to be over. She got in her small economy car and headed towards the freeway to start her hour long commute back home to her tiny apartment.

With the radio on full blast Ryanne was singing her favorite Kenny Chesney song “There goes my Life” as traffic was moving right along in front of her. As the song ended Ryanne looked down to turn the radio back down to a normal volume so she did not see the 18 wheeler swerve into her lane. So Ryanne was completely taken by surprise when she smashed into the back of it.

The sounds of screeching tires and twisting metal echoed in Ryanne’s ears as her vehicle finally came to a stop. She looked up just in time to see a red pickup truck barreling towards her. This is it, She thought this is how I die. I guess I didn’t have as much time left as I thought. Then everything went black.

Suddenly Ryanne began to feel something, almost like she was floating. Images danced in her head. First one of a tall Golden haired man with kind Emerald Green eyes, the next of a fierce cat moving towards her with a human swagger that didn’t make sense.  Another man with Golden locks appears before Ryanne’s eyes this one was much larger than the first with piercing blue eyes. He looks like he’s in pain and appears to be begging her for something. Then the green eyed man returns and is asking Ryanne something she couldn’t quite make out. Next Ryanne begins to see visions of great adventures. Suddenly a question seemed to materialize in her mind. Do you want to go back to your life as it was or would you rather see my world? Ryanne doesn’t know how to answer, but somehow the decision had been made. Darkness descends on her once more peaceful and serene.

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